What is Hey Sugar?

Hey Sugar is a small local business, that provides natural and vegan skin products. All of these products are handmade with love and care.

Where is Hey Sugar made?

All Hey Sugar products are made in sunny, Townsville, QLD AU.

How long should my bag of scrub last?

This can differ from person to person, but a 200g bag should last 8-10 full body scrubs! We recommend using our scrub 2-4 times weekly, depending on your skin type.

Are all our ingredients natural?

Every single ingredient is natural, vegan and Australian sourced. No parabens, nasty chemicals or fillers are in our products.

How should I store my scrub?

Hey Sugars’ scrubs are supplied in a waterproof and sealable pouch. We advise you store it sealed, in a dry and cool place between scrubs to avoid excess water effecting your product.